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A Roundup Of Linux Articles From

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Due to ongoing commitments I have been unable to experiment much this week with regards to new distributions and I have no new tutorials to give you.

I have however been writing a lot of articles for in March and I thought I would share them with you in case any are of interest.

How To Install Google Chrome Using Octopi

Last week on this site I reviewed Manjaro Linux and I showed how you can use the command line to install Google Chrome.

A couple of comments came in on that page stating that you can use Octopi to install Chrome and so I have investigated and tried it out and it turns out you can.

This guide provides an overview to Octopi.

Displaying Tabular Data In The Terminal

If you are using the terminal and you wish to view a delimited file in a tabular format you can use the column command.

This guide shows you how to use all of the switches of the column command.

How To Use ldd To Find Shared Libraries

It probably comes as no surprise that many programs share the same libraries. For example audio packages will use the libraries for playing audio in certain formats such as MP3.

This guide shows you how to use the ldd command to find all the shared libraries that a program uses.

It goes a step further by showing you how to find missing objects and missing functions along with a code example.

How To Generate A Sequential List Of Numbers

This guide shows how to generate a list of numbers using the Linux seq command.

Example Uses Of The Linux Cat Command

This guide shows how to display the contents of a file using the Linux cat command. The guide also shows how to create a file using cat, how to show line numbers and many other features of the cat command.

Listen To Online Radio Using Cantata

Cantata is a really nice Linux MPD client. It is the default audio player in Netrunner and Manjaro Linux.

This guide shows you how to listen to online radio using Cantata and provides an overview of the package in general.

An Overview Of The Kdenlive Video Editor

Click here for the article

If you are using the KDE desktop environment and you wish to edit videos then this guide will help you by providing an overview to all the features that Kdenlive offers.

The guide shows how to add clips, add titles, how to cut a video, how to add transform effects and how to preview a video.

A Beginners Guide To Installing Software Using GIT

Click here for the article

This guide shows how to clone a git repository, what to look for when building the package and runs through a worked example of changing the cowsay package.

How To Rename Multiple Files Using The Command Line

Click here for the article

Generally you can rename files using the mv command in Linux. However if you want to rename a large number of files or wish to rename files using a patttern the rename command is very useful.

This is a complete guide to the rename command.

How To Make Directories Using The Command Line

Click here for the article

I'm sure you are all accustomed to creating directories or folders using the file managers which are available in your chosen distribution.

It is worth learning some of the basic command line functions however as you might find yourself on a computer running a completely different distribution and with a different file manager.

One thing that remains consistent are the command line functions which is why many forums provide terminal commands as the solution to problems.

This guide shows how to create directories using the mkdir command. It also handles the prickly subject of permissions.

Display User Using The id Command

Click here for the article

This article shows you how to display user and group information using the terminal.

Display System Information Using The uname Command

Finally this guide shows system information about your computer using the uname command. 


Not everybody will be interested in the command line stuff but I have been updating a large number of the command line articles at and hopefully providing better examples how to use certain terminal commands.

Hopefully you will find some of these articles useful.

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Gary Newell started the Everyday Linux User blog in 2010 and has written reviews on dozens of different Linux based operating systems. He has also written a number of tutorials.

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