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My name is Gary Newell and I'm from southern England originally but now I live in the north east of Scotland.

I'm 39 years old and work as a software developer and SQL Server DBA as a freelance contractor.

I started this blog in 2010 but only really started writing articles properly in 2012.

You can follow Everyday Linux User on Twitter and Reddit.

The Everyday Linux User blog has been created for ordinary computer users who want to switch from Microsoft and Apple to a Linux based operating system.

This site isn't about typing endless lines of code into a command line just to get the clock to tell you the correct time.

I have created a "How To" page with articles ranging from buying a laptop with Linux already installed to setting up the Raspberry PI.

If you are new to Linux then you might find the article 10 things the average Joe won't know about Linux interesting.

In addition to writing how-to guides I also review the latest Linux operating systems such as Linux Mint, openSUSE and PCLinuxOS.

The posting schedule is generally one post at the beginning of the week and on the odd occasion I will post a 2nd article towards the end of the week.

Occasionally I venture away from this blog and end up appearing in other places:

For instance here is a guest post I wrote for Linux Notes From Dark Duck about Luninux. I have also been interviewed by Steven Ovadia at My Linux Rig. I also recently appeared on the Everyday Linux podcast for a guest interview.

You can subscribe to this blog by entering your email address into the box in the right sidebar.

I accept guest articles and I also welcome requests for reviews.  Simply email me by clicking on the email icon in the right side bar.

To make it easier for everyone who wants to read my Ubuntu based articles and tutorials I have formatted them, rewritten them and added extra content which has resulted in the eBook "From Windows To Ubuntu".

The book isn't massive like a SAMS guide so it isn't going to take you forever to read it but there is certainly a lot of content.

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  1. what the hell does this sentence mean?

    " I do not intend to review the more difficult to use LINUX operating systems because I don't expect the average LINUX user to want to use them."

    for one thats the worst friggin english i've ever read.

    and who are you to expect anything from anyone else...

    just because you don't want to do anything difficult doesn't mean that the average user won't want to.

    1. Nothing wrong with that English - if you are learned in English. 'Stead of tearing this guy down, why not start your own blog for the above and below average LINUX users.

    2. I love how people will write this kind of thing online as "Anonymous." I just wonder what he would say in person. Best to just ignore (or delete) the trolls and not let it bother you!

      Anyway, sounds like you've got a pretty interesting "real job" as well. Thanks for letting me do a guest post on here!

    3. Dude, way to miss the forest for the trees. You're a tool. Is that the correct English?

  2. The sentence means that I have no intentions of writing reviews about the Linux distributions that are more intense with regards to installations and general use. This blog is about Linux for average computer users.

    If you feel that there is a worthwhile article to be written regarding some of the more hardcore Linux distributions then feel free to write a guest article which will be reviewed and posted with no prejudice.

    Alternatively if you feel there is a sufficient gap in the Linux world to require more in depth articles about other Linux operating systems not reviewed here then feel free to start a blog of your own and if it is good I will follow it.

    If there is a particular Linux distribution that you would like me to review then please leave a comment here, send me a tweet (@everydaylinuxuser) or email me at everydaylinuxuser @ google.com

  3. I, for one, happen to like your confirming what my manicurist was chiding me about during my last session- "you're just too stupid to even consider a real Linux distro, Steven... what's more, those overly technical atrocities can stress you; and everyone knows that stress simply destroys your cuticles... Steven! Are you listening to me?"

    All mis-spelled and mis-grammatized sarcasm aside...

    I really appreciate your Blog/Reviews, and was wondering what your views/reviews might be on LXPup...? Found it today on Softpedia and thought it was more REAL-desktop-looking than many of the other pups, yet Ubuntu repos... do you think it would make a good primary use distro...

    Sincere thanx,

    Steven the sub-slime average Linux wannabe newbie who thought your command of the English language was quite refreshing/charming in comparison to Mr. TROLL-A-TRON... :]

    1. I would "LIKE" this comment if there were a button for it.

  4. I have been to the homepage for LXPup and I like the look of that. I will add it to my schedule and will give it some time in the next week or so.

  5. Gary,

    I like your approach to Linux. You may influence more people into using Linux than what is promoted on Geek Linux sites. The newbie is not interested in commands and keyboard shortcuts, they are interested in a simple to manage Linux OS which they can configure themselves with articles just like on your blog.

    I have been experimenting with Linux distros since mid nineties and I enjoy using Linux more than Windows. I have switched to mainly using Linux at home 99% of the time. Nothing beats Linux in simplicity, ease of use and security.

    I am glad I stumbled upon your site when I was checking out the latest on Puppy Linux.

    Quadophile - Moderator @ PC Review UK

  6. Gary, I found your reviews through your post on Dark Duck. I like your reviews and see you have an interest in puppy. I was wondering if you would consider reviewing Linux Saluki, a puppy derivative. I see it as a "better puppy". It is my travel OS on a USB drive.

    Please don't ask me to do a guest review, I did that for Dark Duck and don't think I did all the well (some brutal comments). I would value your opinion. Jymm


    1. this distro was discontinued shortly after I made this post. Too bad, it was the best puppy I had ever used by far.

  7. Anonymous is quite rude.
    Does anyone else agree?

    Politely yours,

    A.N. Other

    1. Not at all. Not everyone wants to sign up for every blog. I can understand that in today's track everyone and spy on everyone internet. To some people privacy remains a legitimate concern. That does not make them rude. I have always found the posts here to be polite and respectful. I think most appreciate Gary's insight. I know I do.

  8. I'm looking for a Linux version for an older laptop, Dell D620. Don't necessarily want or need a Windows replacement. My use of the laptop are mostly email, use of LibreOffice (Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, and Math), Arduino development (run the Arduino IDE), and maybe a couple of applications in Wine, specifically LTSpice. Is there an existing review relevant to these applications? Is there enough interest in these apps to request a review of potential Linux distros?

    1. I can help with the linux version but I have no experience with the Arduino. I will have to do a bit of research first

  9. i like linux alot but now i hav windows 8 ive never converted i just always bought computers with linux on them so i was wondering do you lose any files

  10. Gary, please pardon this off-topic request, but I have not been able to find another contact method. I see that apparently you have taken over Juergen Haas's About Linux newsletter. The unannounced transition causes me some concern for his health. Any information here would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Roger,

      I am afraid I don't know what happened to Juergen. Hopefully he just found something else he wanted to do.



  11. Hi Gary,

    I am a newbie for Linux. Zorin has got me interested in Linux quite a bit since attempt is made at simplifying the lives of migrants from windows.

    I am in particular interested, besides Zorin v9.0 what it stands for, whether it will allow me to install an open source application like "MuseScore v2.0.2" (which is a good open source Music Notation application. I need your help in knowing if there will be any issues of compatibility, proper functionality or any other technical issues involved on installation? Basically, I want to know if "MuseScore v2.0" will work fine on Zorin v9.0 at all?

    I understand Zorin v9.0 is light on resources and it can work well on older PC configurations. For your information, I have an old PC with AMD Athlon XP 2000+ and another AMD Athlon XP 2400+ processors which are supported with a minium of 1 GB DDR 266 Mhz RAM, onboard graphics chip. The only thing I might need would be a reasonably good audio add on card for proper functioning of "MuseScore" for playback of the score composed.

    Can you please shed some light on my query? Or you could be kind enough to direct me to a proper resource where I could get my answers to my questions.

    Thank you & sincerely'
    Patrick J. Rego, Bangalore, India.

  12. Hi Gary,

    Need your help in knowing whether "Zorin OS v9.0" can support "MuseScore v2.0". By the way, MuseScore is an open source Music Score Notation application which competes with the likes of top proprietory applications such as Sibelius. I am a newbie to Linux trying to migrate from Windows, and Zorin is of great interest to me. I understand that Zorin is good at supporting low resource PCs.

    I have an old PC with AMD Athlon XP 2000+ processor, 1 GB of DDR 266 Mhz RAM, on board graphic support, required HDD space. With this configuration, will I be good to go with Zorin v9.0 and MuseScore v2.0? Or should I look for some other specific Linux flavour?

    Please shed light on my query.

    Thanks - Patrick J. Rego, Bangalore, India.

  13. Maybe you know someone who can help me with this?

    I picked up a cheap DV8000 HP Laptop at a garage sale that I later learned had no operating system.

    I asked my nephew who moved out of state to install a useable (32 bit) Linux Operating System.

    He left a copy of Lubuntu on it and it does not run anything.

    I want to find a free operating system that will play any store bought DVD(including Codecs ), burn DVDs & CDs.

    I do not even know how to install anything on it.

    He did not leave me the root password, nor does he remember it.

    I want to get a DVD, CD with all the above on it that overrides Lubuntu. I do not want any crapware or adware or malware of anykind.

    I do not want any trailware, just full functioning software packages.

    please forward if need be, Please pray, my Doctor says I have gallstones.

    There has been a lot of deaths in our families --- My Father ( murdered during a home invasion), My Brother (murdered by a drunk driver on Christmas), Wife's' Mother (decrease and age), My Uncle Joe (murdered by a neighbor), Uncle Glenn (Cancer), and many more.

    My Sister Terry recently died this Christmas, Holiday season in a drive by, wrong place, wrong time.

    My Wife's Father recently Died.

    I had to retire early from Teaching without a pension due to Cancer.

    I volunteer in classrooms and teaching Teachers.

    I am dealing with health problems related to Cancer, Degenerative Bone Disease and related Surgeries, but God has Blessed me with co-workers like you all in the Lord.

    I am the care giver for senior family members -- Walt(wife's dad), Mary(my Mother), Gladys(Wife's Aunt) and Joyce(also related to my wife).

    Thank You,

    Daniel Marsh
    6539 Linville Drive
    Brighton, MI 48116-9531 USA

  14. Hi,
    I really appreciate this blog. I also almost always read it when it hits my inbox. I wonder, if Neverware's Cloudready would qualify as a reviewable Linux for the blog? It is an excellent software only clone of a Chromebook, it installs and runs on low resource netbooks/laptops and they keep a very current list on everything it has been tested on. Mostly the hardware needs to be 8 years or newer.

    However, if you don't really delve into Chromebooks at all, then it wouldn't make sense to review Cloudready.

    Tom M.


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