Everyday Linux User and the Everyday Linux Podcast

If you search for the term “Everyday Linux” in Google you will see that the site at the top of the rankings is “Everyday Linux – Element Opie Productions“.

Now I would like to think that some of the people typing “Everyday Linux” into Google may be looking for this site but that may be just pure narcissistic fantasy on my own behalf.
The “Everyday Linux – Element Opie Productions” link takes you to the website of the “Everyday Linux Podcast” which up until now hasn’t shared a link with this blog except for the fact that we share the words “Everyday Linux” in our titles.
At some point though the guys at the Everyday Linux Podcast must have stumbled across my site and thought “hey, what is this guy doing. Why is he stealing our name?”. Hopefully though they realise that it was just a coincidence and not an attempt to piggyback on their good name.
A few weeks ago I was asked by Seth Anderson (one of the hosts on the podcast) whether I would like to appear as a guest on the Everyday Linux Podcast to talk about the site and Linux in general. I accepted the invitation and last Sunday night I stayed up until midnight in order to appear on their show. 
The Everyday Linux podcast is hosted by Seth Anderson, Chris Neves and Mark Cockrell in the USA and Canada. A live show is recorded on a Sunday evening (depending on where you are located, which is why I had to stay up so late as I am in Scotland) and is released as a recorded show on a Wednesday evening (again depending where you are).
The show generally lasts 2 hours and the guys discuss various Linux related topics and some non-Linux related topics.
During the interview we discussed various subjects including some of my latest articles such as how I found my cat with the help of the Raspberry PI, my latest review of Mageia and the recent poll at FossForce.com to find the best blog.
The show went off topic on occasion which allowed me to get a small rant in about Hollister and I also managed to sneak in a bit about the Corey Feldman video “Ascension Millenium” which I featured in my review of Elementary OS.
Other items that were discussed were the Unity desktop and Puppy Linux, where I mentioned that my favourite version of Puppy Linux at the moment is MacPup.
I was also asked which other podcasts I listen to and which other blogs I read.
I would like to thank Seth, Chris and Mark for allowing me to appear on their show and I’ll apologise now for the creaking door noise caused by my wife walking in the room at one point. Bizarrely despite realising she had made the noise on the way in she then proceeded to close the same creaking door on the way out.
If you want to listen to the Everyday Linux Podcast then you can do so by visiting http://elementopie.com/ and then press play on episode 109. 
Thankyou for reading.


  1. Hi Gary,

    Seth here. Thank you for being a guest on the show. I really enjoyed the back and forth, and hanging out with a kindred spirit from the other side of the pond. And you are right, "Ascension Millenium" is so bad it has to be seen to be believed.

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