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Puppy LINUX and all derivatives is a project that I find fascinating. It is remarkable that you can run the whole operating system from memory and carry it around in your pocket on a USB drive.

As I have written multiple reviews about the subject and a few tutorials based on comment requests I have decided to create a page that groups the links to these articles together to make them easily accessible.




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  3. I like puppy and have the version on disk but, I just can't get the partition part right. I watched video tutorials by puppy linux world. Am I dense missing some steps, I tried it didn't want to boot,help

    1. Are you actually installing Puppy to your hard drive?

    2. I must not have listened closely to the producer of the video, thanks and sorry getting back in the new year lost my bookmarks to this site plus now I am using another email. I like the blog page layout tell me the theme so when I start my blog to use it,thanks or any other blog tips feel free to drop some my way.

  4. thanks are easier to access the Puppy Linux, it really helps us

  5. thankyou for review, good job and niche information... very thank you.

  6. This remarkable, as you say. The Puppy Linux Page is very helpful at all. Thank you for sharing, I am here again tomorrow.

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  7. This gave me exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
    I intend to test this some day in future but is it possible to use Puppy on devices with Micro SD?

  8. i use Puppy linux on my old laptop and it runs smoothly.
    i also use puppy as a tool to save the data files on crash windows OS

  9. Downloaded Simplicity Linux 14.4, burned it to a cd. Rebooted computer, Simplicity booted just fine but cannot find the "Puppy Universal Installer" common on all other Puppy linux distros.


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