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Puppy LINUX and all derivatives is a project that I find fascinating. It is remarkable that you can run the whole operating system from memory and carry it around in your pocket on a USB drive.

As I have written multiple reviews about the subject and a few tutorials based on comment requests I have decided to create a page that groups the links to these articles together to make them easily accessible.




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  3. I like puppy and have the version on disk but, I just can't get the partition part right. I watched video tutorials by puppy linux world. Am I dense missing some steps, I tried it didn't want to boot,help

    1. Are you actually installing Puppy to your hard drive?

    2. I must not have listened closely to the producer of the video, thanks and sorry getting back in the new year lost my bookmarks to this site plus now I am using another email. I like the blog page layout tell me the theme so when I start my blog to use it,thanks or any other blog tips feel free to drop some my way.

  4. thanks are easier to access the Puppy Linux, it really helps us

  5. thankyou for review, good job and niche information... very thank you.

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  7. This gave me exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
    I intend to test this some day in future but is it possible to use Puppy on devices with Micro SD?

  8. i use Puppy linux on my old laptop and it runs smoothly.
    i also use puppy as a tool to save the data files on crash windows OS

  9. Downloaded Simplicity Linux 14.4, burned it to a cd. Rebooted computer, Simplicity booted just fine but cannot find the "Puppy Universal Installer" common on all other Puppy linux distros.

  10. I've used various Puppies over 6 years, from v2.14 to the current stuff. Puppy isn't so much a distro as an approach to building distros. There are probably over a hundred so-called puplets... user-made variations on the Puppy theme. Some are as simple as adding bundles of software, and some really change whole aspects of the Linux experience.

    What's great about Puppy: It's small and fast. Really fast, even on hardware that most people would have already thrown away as obsolete. I run Wary 5.11 on a 10 year old laptop, and it works great. Audio, video, wireless internet, etc. As long as I stay within the available apps from the Puppy Depository everything works great.

    While Puppies are usually (but not always) pared down to the barest minimum, they provide the stuff most people want to do. Office work, Internet, Programming, Audio/Video. If you want to use other mainstream software, it's available for download. And while there is no Earthly reason why Puppy .iso's hover at the 150MB size to provide just the barest software necessary, nothing will stop you from building a monster .sfs containing all the software you can find and want to play with. Or you could remaster it into a monster-puplet.

    There are so many versions of Puppy... so many kernels, so many different drivers bundled, that you WILL find a puppy that can run on your machine. You may have to download a few Puppies until you get all the drivers/hardware stuff right, but it will happen.

    Puppy has a FRIENDLY, HELPFUL, GREAT user-community on its forum. They WILL help you if you're even half-way polite. It's enough to reaffirm your faith in mankind. Seriously.

    And now...

    What sucks about Puppy: PUPPY IS NON-STANDARD. If you need to install additional software, you best hope there is an existing .pet or .sfs file on the net, because the odds of you building it from scratch aren't great. I've tried building stuff on Puppy. There is a very nice .sfs that provides a development system, but it's not current like SUSE or Ubuntu. And a lot of the dependencies are old, so if you download some new binaries they may work or they may not. Puppy is not a good Linux citizen.

    Freshly installed Puppy is UGLY. There is no good reason for this, except that the majority of Puppy builders seem to be colorblind. Yes there is MacPup, and a couple of puplets that are nice, but expect to download new wallpapers, icons and desktop widgets. You'll either need to get a new window manager like Enlightenment or create your own JWM and GTK themes. The defaults are just ewwww.


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