Keep up to date by subscribing to these Linux blogs

I was reading the articles on Reddit earlier today and somebody asked for an OPML file containing the feeds to some good Linux blogs.

I didn’t have a list of RSS feeds to share at the time and I had no idea what an OPML file was. I have however done a bit of research and I have since created my first OPML file containing feeds from the following sites:
  • LXER
  • Linux Today
  • Linux Journal
  • Phronix
  • ARSTechnica
  • IT World
  • Desktop Linux Reviews
  • Everyday Linux User
  • Larry The Crunchbang Guy
  • Larry The Free Software Guy
  • Dedoimedo
  • Linux Notes From Dark Duck
  • My Linux Rig
  • Das U Blog
  • The Var Guy
  • Linuxaria
  • Gaming on Linux
  • Linux Insider
  • LinuxBSDos
  • Eye On Linux
  • Linux Security
  • Ubuntu Geek
To be able to use the OPML file you will need to use an RSS reader that can handle OPML files. The one that I used was a web based reader called Bloglines.To use bloglines go to and click the create an account link.

Fill in the form with account details and confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email that you receive.

When you log in to bloglines click the add a feed link.

Click on this link which takes you to Rapidshare and download the file. Now within Bloglines click the browse button and find the file that you just downloaded.

Click the import button.

A list of articles will appear in date order from the feeds listed above.

I hope you find this useful.

Thankyou for reading.


  1. More based around Ubuntu, but OMGUbuntu! and Webupd8 are both excellent Linux news blogs. Even though they're mainly focused about Ubuntu some of the information does apply to other distros and Linux as a whole.

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