Submit Your Top 5 Linux Distributions


Last week I wrote a list of the 5 Linux distributions I recommend for the everyday linux user.

As expected I am receiving comments asking why I didn’t include this distribution or that distribution.

I am therefore opening the floor to you guys and girls.

The Challenge

Your challenge is to write a list of the 5 Linux distributions you would recommend to the everyday linux user.

What Is The Everyday Linux User

My criteria for the everyday user is somebody who isn’t particularly technically skilled.

They don’t know or care how to program or script and they don’t particularly want to spend time messing around in the terminal or scouring the internet searching for solutions to things that should be easy to set up.

The Everyday user wants tools such as office suites, browsers, chat clients, audio programs, video players and image viewers.

The Everyday Linux User wants to be able to find and install software easily.

The Reward

Each sensible submission (ie no spam posts) will be posted on this site.

At the end of August I will place a poll and you will be able to vote on the best submission.

The top 2 submissions will receive a £10 Amazon gift card (which is between $15 and $20 dollars and changing on a daily basis due to the recent brexit vote in the UK).

The winners will be announced on the 10th September.

So not only do you get to have your say you also get a chance to win a prIze as well.

Competition now closed


  1. Just a comment… not the specific list you requested. Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon is my current distro. I have installed it on a number of computers for inexperienced users. I am disappointed that they dropped codecs so now I cannot create a live USB with codecs. I also cannot install Linux with codecs for someone who does not have an internet connection. I'm waiting for someone else to pick up the ball they dropped so I can have a live USB with codecs to demonstrate Linux to non Linux users. Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Makulu and LXLE are some other favorites.

  2. 1.- Manjaro (and all the spins i3, JWM, deepin, fluxbox,openbox, GNOME, KDE, thay have even Pantheon)
    2.- Fedora, DNF with DELTA upgrades is great
    3.- SUSE, now that they have a RR version even better
    4.- Antergos
    5.- Debian RR

    None Ubuntu (or derivatives) because it is a pain in the ass to upgrade, update and keep it without errors. And the LTS is only good enough for the next 6 months if compared with the other 5 I mention.

    I hope snap packages will change this "ubuntu situation" and make them able to have a semi RR scheme as they have 50% of the SOHO market.

    And I have always one Ubuntu installed, but when I upgrade it and test it again i remember why i do prefer my Manjaro with any DE.

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