Friday, 8 November 2013

Win a copy of "Instant Ubuntu"

Posted by Gary Newell  |  at  22:27 9 comments

Win a free copy of the book "Instant Ubuntu"

Hello everyone, as promised earlier in the week I am pleased to announce the first ever contest on Everyday Linux User.

I have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organise a giveaway of "Instant Ubuntu".

Three people have the chance to win a digital copy of the book.

Keep reading to find out how to enter.

Overview of "Instant Ubuntu"

You can read my review of "Instant Ubuntu" here.

An overview of the contents include sections on

  • Downloading the free Ubuntu ISO
  • Connect with friends and family using popular social media platforms, email and chat
  • Use the Ubuntu Software Centre to install new applications
  • Explore the included media applications and play music and watch videos
  • Setup automatic backups stored securely in the Ubuntu One cloud
  • Be productive at work and school with the LibreOffice productivity suite
  • Install up-to-date drivers to support cutting edge video and network hardware
  • Join a worldwide community of open source enthusiasts

How to enter

All you need to do to enter is head on over to the book page at Packt Publishing and look through the product description of the book.

Drop a line via the comments below this post to let us know what interests you most about this book. It is that simple.

You can also enter the competition by sending me an email via the contact email icon at the top of the blog.

There are 3 copies of the book up for grabs and the winner will be decided by me. Get creative with your comments and emails as the ones that I like the best will win.

The competition will last for 2 weeks and the closing date is Friday 22nd November at 22:00 GMT. (I will give you a reminder nearer the time).

Winners will be contacted by email (so if you are using the comments to enter then it is essential that you use a real email address).

All I can say is that you've got to be in it to win it.

Good luck.

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Gary Newell started the Everyday Linux User blog in 2010 and has written reviews on dozens of different Linux based operating systems. He has also written a number of tutorials.

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  1. Have installed Mint for my son. would like to dig into apps, customizing further.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I would like to learn how to do more with Ubuntu as I am new to the Linux scene and want to go towards that as opposed to staying on Windows etc.

    1. James,

      Can you click the email link and send me your email address please so that you can receive your prize?



    2. Hi Gary,

      I have sent my email address over. Thanks very much!


    3. Hi James,

      So far no email has come through. Can you send an email to Sorry. Sometimes Google doesn't quite work properly

  4. I like the idea of the open source community.

  5. I normally like my Java instant but when it comes to OpenSource I'm happy to make an exception. I was a fan of the old 'Red Hat' and then had a play with 'Mint' but I think that 'Ubuntu' is next on the agenda and I'd love to find out more


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