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Everyday Linux User has reviewed a lot of Linux distributions in the past year and the blog has grown to a point whereby there is a stable number of readers.

The blog averages around 600 visitors a month and about 50000 pageviews.

What I would like to do is help to promote some of the smaller distributions, especially if you are yet to feature in the higher ranks of distrowatch and distrorank.

Getting people to use a distribution sometimes comes down to getting people to notice it.

I wrote a review of LxPUP last year which up until that point I had never heard of but it was one of the finest versions of Puppy that I have used.

If you admire a particular Linux distribution or you are a distro developer get in touch by emailing All I need is the name of the distribution and a download link and maybe a bit of background.

Getting a review is 100% free.

To write a review I install the Linux distribution to the hard drive of one of my computers and then use it over a period of at least 5 days. I then write my findings as I see them.


  1. Hi, I've sent you an email last week about our new release but I'm not sure you got it, if anything is missing please tell me. Thanks for your work.

  2. Your blog is shite.

  3. Hi Guys
    I want to change my operating system to Linux
    so can anyone tell me what is the best Linux OS and its properties

    1. Zorin is the easiest to use if you want a Windows experience with a minimal learning curve.

  4. Looking for a review on Point Linux, I have 2 hdd's in my cpu, Bodhi (I LIKE) & want to try Point Linux in the other.

    1. Hi.

      I will look into it and post one as soon as I can.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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