Tuesday, 16 April 2013

End of the road for Fuduntu?

Posted by Gary Newell  |  at  23:35 5 comments

I have just followed a link on Reddit that states that the Fuduntu project is closing down in its current form.

The main reason cited for Fuduntu closing is that it is becoming increasingly unsustainable to provide a Gnome 2 based distribution as many applications are built to work with Gnome 3.

Last year I wrote a review of Fuduntu and in that review I was very positive about Fuduntu as a project because it worked well and had some unique tools and the Gnome 2 base made it very quick.

The other point to note about Fuduntu was the amazing artwork used on some of the wallpapers. They provide by far the best wallpapers out of all the distributions that I have used.

In my review I stated the following:
I do not know how long the Fuduntu team intends to continue using the Gnome 2 desktop and whether they will adopt one of the other desktops as they mature or whether they will do the same as Zorin and create their own desktop. 
I guess the time to make that decision has arrived and the decision that was chosen was to close down the project in its current form.

Now for the good news.

It doesn't appear to be the end of Fuduntu. A new project will hopefully rise from the ashes and it is likely to be based on another desktop although details at the moment are quite sketchy.

I would urge anyone who likes the Fuduntu project to read this article as it gives details of an online IRC meeting that is going to take place to discuss the future.

On Reddit there is some discussion that the new desktop will be KDE. I'm not so keen on this idea. Fuduntu needs to reposition itself again and there are already a lot of KDE based distros. Someone on Reddit suggested Razor-QT. I think this would be a novel idea and might just work.

Incidentally all this brings into question other distributions that have used a Gnome 2 base such as SolusOS. SolusOS has forked the code and has called it Consort. Long may this continue as I really like SolusOS as well.

I would like to wish the Fuduntu team all the best for the future.

Thankyou for reading.

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  1. "Incidentally all this brings into question other distributions that have used a Gnome 2 base such as SolusOS. SolusOS has forked the code and has called it Consort. Long may this continue as I really like SolusOS as well."

    We actually forked a minimal amount of components from GNOME 3.4 (the old fallback stuff), not GNOME 2. We're not going anywhere don't worry :)

  2. KDE will be a good desktop for Fuduntu because KDE is a very solid desktop environment compare with Gnome 3.4 or Unity or Razor-QT.

    1. I think there are probably enough KDE based distros already. It is hard to see what anyone else could bring to the KDE table.

  3. First we have to move forward. Forks of Gnome2 and other past systems are soon to fade. Sorry, that's just the way of it. I actually tried Ubuntu's version of Trinity (KDE 3.5). What memories that brought back, but it only lasted a couple of days. I came to my senses.

  4. Enlightenment. That's the way to go.

    I use Bodhi Linux because I love Enlightenment. If there was an E17/E18 version of Ubuntu I'd consider switching, because there are a few things about Bodhi that are a bit odd...

    Of course I should probably spend more time bugging the folks at Bodhi. Maybe I can talk them into fixing what I regard as issues :)



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